December 4, 2009

Aggies full of scorers in crunch time

Most college basketball teams have one, maybe two players that they go to in the clutch to get some offense. It's the go-to guys that teams want to have the ball in their hands in the final minutes of a tight game.

Texas A&M has already proven through seven games that it doesn't have just one, but many potential go-to guys in the final minutes. Whether it's Donald Sloan, Derrick Roland or B.J. Holmes the Aggies are able to go to the hot hand and not just the normal player that defenses are going to be keying on.

Just ask Clemson, Minnesota or SMU - all in tight games with the Aggies who got a heavy dose of one of the above mentioned late in the game. It's a luxury the Aggies have that many teams around the nation don't, and it's one of the reasons why A&M is a team to watch in the Big 12 conference.

"I think we feel comfortable running plays late in the game for whoever's hot or whoever has the mismatch we like. We feel like there are four or five guys at all times that we can go to," said A&M head coach Mark Turgeon. "I think everybody can score. I think we all feel comfortable late in the game when Sloan has the ball in his hands. We also feel comfortable with B.J. When Nate Walkup has the ball in his hands we feel he is going to make a big shot for us too. There are a lot of guys. It's whoever is hot in that game we try to go to as best as we can."

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