July 6, 2010

Hot 11: Sooner Offensive Campers

The Sooner Hot 11 is a SoonerScoop.com ranking, compiled by associated editor Josh McCuistion. Generally it's a ranking of the top players from each Oklahoma Saturday but this time we're putting a different spin on things and having a look at the best offensive performers of the 2010 Sooner summer camp. Be it offensive lineman, receivers, Sooner commits, or previously little known prospects there were a lot of big-time talent in Norman. And here SoonerScoop.com tries to rank them for you based on what we saw through the six days.

11. Dylan Dismuke, Offensive Tackle
Analysis: Dismuke followed up a solid camp performance last year with a workout that this year was somewhat overshadowed by his decision to commit during the afternoon session. That being said Dismuke showed improvement with his lateral movement in spite of putting on some needed weight as he begins to blossom into a right tackle prospect. He'll need some time to add some still-necessary strength to his game but as he gets more comfortable with pass-blocking his game could soar.

10. Donovan Roberts, Running Back - 2012
Analysis: Roberts came in and worked right next to fellow highly regarded 2012 in-state running back Eric Dockins and while both did well Roberts showed off a bit more in the camp setting, which is always tough for running backs with so few opportunities to show their talent. Roberts displayed nice hands, good quickness and while he did struggle in some of the more physical drills he showed a willingness to work at the deficiencies.

9. Kendal Thompson, Quarterback
Analysis: Thompson spent much of his time working on some of the fine details of his game and working with whatever receiver the Sooner coaching staff was hoping to get the longest look at, most notably Tobias Singleton. However that didn't change that he still flashed real moments of accuracy and continues to see his velocity improve as he fills out physically. By the time he arrives on campus Thompson's game will be refined and he has a chance to be a change of pace for the Sooners moving forward.

8. Danzel Williams, Athlete
Analysis: Coming in there were tons of questions about where Williams would play and following the camp, we're all still left wondering where he'll find time on the football field. The one thing that isn't in conversation was the talk that Oklahoma rushed to offer Wililams, the fact is the guy can flat out play. Whether it was at running back or defensive back Williams was always in the middle of things and probably most notably was one of the most competitive players in recent memory at Oklahoma's camps.

7. Evan Boehm, Offensive Guard - 2012
Analysis: Of a serious collection of 2012 offensive linemen there is hardly any doubt that the most physical of the lot was. Boehm, an accomplished wrestler in Missouri, was great in one-on-one drills and generally if he got his hands on you it was all but over for the opposing defensive lineman. Now there is still some fine-tuning when it comes to blocking in space but Boehm clearly has the feet and power to be a difference maker for the Sooners.

6. Jordan Nubine, Wide Receiver
Analysis: Probably the biggest surprise of the camp, aside from our old Kansas City native buddy Jeremy Crabtree, no one knew a lot about Nubine coming into the camp. However, all he did through his day of work was beat up on one cornerback after another. Nubine used his size to be a real problem but it was his sneaky peed and top-shelf route-running that really made him a handful for all the corners on hand.

5. Ty Darlington, Offensive Guard - 2012
Analysis: At the camp there was no doubt that the offensive linemen stole the week of work and each of those who made this list had one particular area that they dominated, watching Darlington it's all about his technical ability. From hand placement, footwork, and overall use of his skills Darlington was the most college ready lineman of any in attendance. He isn't the most overwhelming player but it's hard to deny that Darlington has the tools of a pulling guard in the college game.

4. John Michael McGee. Offensive Guard - 2012
Analysis: Potential, potential, potential. McGee isn't nearly as well-versed as Darlington at this point in time but whether it was a left tackle or a wide receiver there wasn't a better pair of feet during the six days of camp than the skilled blocker from East Texas. McGee was first seen by SoonerScoop.com during a game against Sooner freshman Aaron Franklin and just as he did that night McGee showed off great athleticism if a frame that needs some more bulk and a need for more time in the weight room.

3. Halapoulivaati Vaitai, Offensive Tackle - 2012
Analysis: Undoubtedly the top tackle of any in attendance during the weekend. Vaitai dominated every defensive end he went up against during his day in camp. Vaitai is rail-thin and still has a long ways to go before he is a college-read player physically but the natural tools to be a premier left tackle are all there for the long-armed, long-legged prospect from the South Pacific.

2. Bralon Addison, Wide Receiver - 2012
Analysis: It's been a long time since a player put on an equal performance on both sides of the ball. Whether it was cornerback or wide receiver, Addison dominated. His explosive quickness and elite top end speed made him nearly uncoverable for every defensive back at camp, including talented corners like Josh Turner, Bennett Okotcha, and others. Addison is a young one but has a chance to be a game-changing player regardless of what side of the ball he may end up on.

1. Tobias Singleton, Wide Receiver
Analysis: This one between the top two was extremely close but Singleton separated himself by not only showing great speed and impressive hands but he was surprisingly physical and got the best of more than one corner who tried to jam him. Though he faced some of the better corners that were at camp all week Singleton was rarely challenged as his wide array of skills made him more than most could handle.

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