October 22, 2010

Player Diary: Jonathon Lee

Editor's Note: Throughout the 2010 Texas high school football season, SicEmSports.com Recruiting Editor Kevin Lonnquist is conducting a series of interviews with Allen wide receiver and Baylor commit Jonathon Lee. Lee, one of the Bears' top recruits, will take Baylor fans through the preparation of the games to the games themselves to the times where he just likes being a teen-ager. The latest entry comes following the Eagles' 38-28 vcitory over Plano West on Oct. 15. Lee caught two passes for 30 yards before leaving the game with a sprained MCL in his right knee. Allen is ranked 4th in the latest state Class 5A poll. Allen (7-0, 4-0 in District 8-5A) plays Flower Mound Marcus on Friday. All of these will be conducted in the first person.

The game against Plano West started OK. The first pass I caught was for six yards on a stop rout that got a first down. The second catch was on a drag rout. It went for about 20 something yards. As I saw the defensive back, I lowered my shoulder to try and protect myself, but he wound up horse collaring me, and that's when I felt the pain in my right knee.

The knee went in and lower part of my leg went out. It was devastating. At first, I thought was done. It was really pretty scary. But I got up on my own power and that's when I knew it wasn't as bad as I thought. Usually, people with knee injuries don't get up, so I understand that it could have been worse than it was.

This has been a year of ups and downs. I had the left hamstring injury where I missed the Longview game and then there was the game where I didn't catch a pass. All of this is part of life and part of football. These things are going to happen. And I've learned that things are not always going to go your way. I've always been talking with coach [Kendal] Briles each week, and I know they are behind me 100 percent. After I got the hamstring injury, he just told me to get it well and to be strong.

I really have developed a good relationship with Kendal. It's like a brother relationship with him. It's like I can tell him anything. We have it that good. That's just something that happens, but it's good to know someone who is pretty young and played the game in both high school and college.

I really feel like Baylor has been honest with me about my chances as a freshaman. I know I have to come in there and show them what I can do. That's all I can do and all I can ask of myself.

Obviously, I'm missing the Marcus game. I spent the week rehabbing the knee. I went through treatments and just watched practice all through the week. I think if this was playoffs, I could have played, but I think this is a precaution. It's been kind of a weird season. We're winning, but we know we're not playing our best. Sometimes, the offense has a 3-and-out and sometimes and defense doesn't play like it knows it can. And then it just finally clicks. We know we need to produce better.

I think [quarterback] Alec [Morris] is getting better. We have a pretty young team. He's different from [2009 starter] Matt Brown. Unlike last year, I don't have to block as much because Matt would take off and run more. Alec goes once or twice.

The 8-5A race is interesting. I've been reading the scores. I know we have some good teams in there but we also know we have to take advantage against some of the teams that are struggling. Still, we can't get a big head thinking we're going to win.

I look at my yards per catch (21.7), and I don't think it means anything. Once I catch the ball, I'm just going to get as many yards as I can. I was happy with last year [19.1].

We have three games left and it's kind of scary that that's all that could be left in my career. All I know is that we have three games guaranteed. You never know what what will happen. As seniors, we have to be strong, focus and be the best we can be.

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