January 11, 2011

Williams still thinking about decision

On Saturday Ishaq Williams was supposed to make his decision on where he would attend college. Those plans fell to the side when he was unable to make his mind up. One person who has been with Williams from the start of this process is his high school coach Shawn O'Connor and he spoke with CuseConfidential.com about Ishaq Williams.

O'Connor has seen his share of big time prospects (Nyan Boateng, Lansford Watson, and Khalif Staten) come through his program in the past few years. With that being said the coach sees some differences in the recruitment of Williams to the others.

"He has received a lot more attention. The other guys had a lot of offers, but they did not have the kind of quality programs. Also the time of his decision is different because he is making a decision quicker than those guys."

The other top prospects that have come out of Lincoln High School were receiver prospects, Ishaq Williams can play some receiver, but his future is most likely at defensive end where O'Connor has seen him grow up during his high school days.

"I have seen him develop into a better technician. He was a very good athlete when he came to us and then turned into a very technical football player. He has been a great athlete, always extremely focused, and now he is a leader."

During the past few years the Coach also learned that Williams is never satisfied with his performance because he feels he can do better.

"He is a kid that is not very satisfied with just being mediocre. When you watch him play you will never be able to tell if your team is up or down because he does not show any kind of emotion like that on the field. Football is his passion, he loves it and he does not like to lose."

Williams, already has solid mentality for the college game, but there is one item that he will need to fix to help him be the same player in college.

"I think he is going to have to put on a little more weight. He may have some difficulty in the beginning with bigger lineman. Right now he is beating guys with speed, he is kind of strong, but at the next level there are going to be bigger guys. He just needs to put on some muscle," O'Connor said. "His biggest weakness like I said I think it is that he needs a little more weight to handle a college offensive lineman."

When he adds that weight on it will be important that he keeps his speed because his coach now feels that is his biggest strength as he moves to the next level.

"His biggest strength is his speed, his first few steps off of the ball. Right now he is hard to block when he beats you."

Before he gets to the next level however he will have to make a decision, a decision that has been harder for him to make than he may have expected. Despite delaying his decision O'Connor feels he is being very mature during this process.

"I think he has done very well in this process. It is still not an easy process because he has not made a decision yet. It was tough to get it down in a shorter time period than everybody else because he is graduating early," O'Connor stated. "He is still thinking about it and when he is ready he will make the move. He has been very mature in this process and I think that tells you a lot about the kind of person he is. He did not feel comfortable making his decision on that day. He just wants to make sure he does not make his decision on a motion, he wants to think it through."

This weekend when Williams did not make his decision some internet rumors appeared saying it was coaching related. That was not true according to O'Connor.

"A lot of people have been asking me a lot of questions about coaches and coaching situations. This has nothing to do with coaches at all. He is just looking to make sure he makes the right choice. When he left for San Antonio he wasn't sure, so I knew this might have been an issue. When he got down there he really did not have time to think because of his busy schedule and he did not have any down time to think it through."

One item that is true is that the four star prospect is down to three possible destinations and those programs have been at the top throughout the process.
"He has not really shown a favorite out of those three schools. He did favor Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Penn State those three schools always seemed to click. He did favor those three always," O'Connor added. "He likes them all for different reasons and that is why it has been so hard for him to make a decision right now."

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