April 30, 2013

How close is Sawyer?

Whether people like it or not, Twitter as become a huge part of the recruiting world and it seems to be getting bigger.

Prospects from all over the country have chosen to release news regarding their recruitment over the burgeoning social media site over the last couple of years.

North Gwinnett defensive end Dante Sawyer became one of the latest blue chippers to do so on Monday when he informed those that follow him on Twitter that he would be making a decision on where to play his college ball soon.

"I feel real comfortable with the decision I'm about to make. Y'all stay tuned," stated Sawyer over Twitter.

So when will he? After tweeting the message, the Rivals250 prospect took the time on Monday night to explain exactly what he meant.

"I'm getting real close to a decision," he said. "I've narrowed things down to a top two. A decision is just about to happen sooner rather than later."

That top group will come as no surprise to anyone as the two schools have led for Sawyer's services since before spring.

"UGA (Georgia) and Bama (Alabama) are my top two because those are the two teams where I can see myself playing and playing early," Sawyer said. "My parents like them and I need to get my mom out there she can see those places."

Earlier this month, Sawyer visited Georgia for the annual G-Day Spring Scrimmage. Coming into that visit, Alabama held a clear lead over the Bulldogs for Sawyer, but after the visit, the four-star pass rusher told UGASports that the Bulldogs had drawn even.

Many will have their opinions on which team currently holds the lead, but Sawyer insists that he doesn't even know which school holds the edge at this time.

"There is no leader because it is getting down to crunch town and it is time to decide," he said. "Neither team leads right now."

A key factor in why the Bulldogs and the Crimson Tide are the only two teams left for Sawyer is his relationship with his recruiter at each school.

"Coach (Bryan) McClendon is recruiting me for Georgia," Sawyer said. "He's a real cool guy. I call him cool because he has that swagger to him that I like. Coach (Kirby) Smart is recruiting for me Bama. We have a good connection. We clicked ever since my freshman year."

In the coming weeks Sawyer will undoubtedly get Facebook messages and Twitter messages from fans imploring him to choose their school in the near future.

He will also hear from the coaches at both Alabama and Georgia and hear recruiting pitches on why he should choose each school.

In the end, however, Sawyer believes he knows what will make up his mind and it won't have a whole lot to do with what anyone outside of his family has to say.

"My parents and how they feel about the schools is going to make the difference," Sawyer said when asked what would make his mind up when all is said and done. "Then I'll be going with my gut. It is all about where I'll be for the next four years."

With summer approaching, Sawyer knows he is close to a decision. He knows his top two. He knows what factors will help him decide.

What he doesn't know, as of now, is when and how he will make choice known.

"I'm not sure," Sawyer said when asked about a time and place for his commitment." I just don't know yet."

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