December 14, 2013

Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride

And just like that… everything about the Longhorn football program has changed.

With so many thoughts running through my mind, the first dominant one is that everyone needs to buckle up because the moment of truth is here. We're about to see one of the truly great college coaching searches in a generation.

For a decade, I've listened to rumors of top-level coaches foaming over the chance to take control of the Longhorn program and now we are going to see what the Joneses are truly capable of.

With the story unfolding as it has, the Longhorns might not be in a position to nab Nick Saban, but everything else seems to be on the table and there's no reason why the Longhorns shouldn't exhaust every natural resource needed to ensure that the program secures a nuclear war head.

If that means waiting until the BCS games are over to seriously ratchet up the interview process, so be it. I don't the Longhorns should feel pressured to make any quick decisions in the coaching search. All that matters is getting it right and this is the Longhorns chance to prove what everyone has always suggested about them.

Go be the Joneses. Settling is for punks. Go be the Joneses

Meanwhile, it's forever important that this sleeping giant is hugely gigantic at this very moment because of the man that is departing. There will be a lot of conversations about a lot of the layers of this story, but one of the bottom lines is that Mack Brown is a Hal of Fame coach and the greatest of the modern era in the Longhorn universe.

He'll always be that guy. And everyone should make sure to embrace a warm welcome through the rest of this month. A warm send off and a rebuild of Humpty Dumpty the sideshow mess from behind the scenes will make the open position even more attractive.

The spotlight is on The University of Texas. We're about to find out if what starts here truly changes the world.

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