Angleton freshman on the Longhorns radar

Angleton's Quandre Diggs isn't any normal freshman. Diggs is one of the rare freshmen that not only started on varsity from jump street on a 4A team, but started both ways at quarterback and safety. Along with the impressive feat of being a two way starter and logging nearly 90 plays per Friday night, the 5-foot-8.5, 182-pounder boasts some impressive bloodlines, being the brother of former Texas Longhorn All-American and current San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer. Being the brother of a Longhorn great combined with a boatload of talent, it comes without surprise that the Texas Longhorns already have their eye on the next Angleton High star.
On Tuesday at the 23-4A district track meet, the freshman who carries himself with much more maturity than the average 15- or 16-year-old, took the time to talk with about his brother, Texas, football and track.
Q: What events will you be competing in at the district meet?
A: The long jump and 100-meter dash. My best in the long jump is 21'5" and 10.66 in the 100-meters (hand timed).
Q: Did you have a favorite college team growing up?
A: It's The University of Texas because my brother (Quentin Jammer) played there. I like USC too. It's California and I like it there.
Q: Would you say that you are tight with your brother?
A: My brother and I, we might be the closest couple of brothers in the world. We like to spend a lot of time together when he is in town or when I visit. We're real close with each other.
Q: Do you see yourself as a running back or safety?
A: Safety. I like hitting people. That's what I grew up looking at my brother playing, corner and safety, so that's what I like the most.
Q: What was the experience like starting on varsity both ways all season long?
A: I think I did all right with it, but it was tough on my body. I could have done better, but it was a great experience. It was just a great experience that will make me better for the rest of my high school career and on.
Q: Do you have any summer camp plans?
A: I've already got one marked down. I have the Texas camp. I just signed up last week for the June 8th through 11th. I might go to a couple more, but I haven't signed up yet.
Q: What is it like watching D.J. Monroe run on a weekly basis?
A: It's crazy watching him run. I grew up with him my whole life, so I pretty much knew he may end up the fastest man in high school his senior year. It's great to watch him.
Q: What are you looking forward to in spring football practice? What position will you work at?
A: It will be quarterback and safety again. I'm just going to be working on getting my footwork better. At safety, getting better at play recognition.
Q: Are your brother and D.J. Already working on you as far as Texas is concerned?
A: It's nice knowing that Texas already has their eye on me as a freshman. They (Quentin and D.J.) aren't really recruiting me hard, but they let me know a lot that Texas has their eye on me.
Diggs finished his freshman season with more than 300 yards rushing and 60 tackles at safety as well as scoring on a 70-yard kick off return. He earned second team 23-4A all-district honors for his efforts.