Chase Pittman Close to Committing

As the final seconds ticked off the scoreboard during the Texas Longhorns win over North Carolina on Saturday afternoon, one thing stood out larger than life to the crowd of more than 83,000.
During a contest dedicated to the memory of the late Cole Pittman, it was appropriate the Longhorns final point total matched Pittman’s jersey number.

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It was a moment that will live on forever as one of the great moments in the history of Texas football.
For the Pittman family, it was a moment that words will never be able to properly describe.
“The best part of this weekend was looking up at the scoreboard and seeing Cole’s number,” Chase Pittman said. “It was a great weekend.”
The weekend’s visit might have also signaled the beginning of a new Pittman legacy on the 40 Acres.
“I’m probably going to announce my decision on Sunday at church,” Pittman, who has narrowed his choices down to Texas and LSU, said. “I’m leaning towards Texas right now, but I will use this week to make sure that I am absolute about my decision.”
According to Pittman, the visit to Austin this weekend was actually an unofficial visit and there’s a strong chance that he will end up taking his official visit to Austin later in the year.
“I’m so tired right now,” Pittman said. “I had a great time and I went out last night with some of the guys. I’m just ready to rest.
Photo courtesy of Associated Press