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David Ash says the bar is set high for 2013

Texas football has reached the midway point of spring practice, and for the first time this spring, we talked to the Longhorns.
David Ash greeted the media with a smile, asking how everyone was doing. But the questions were turned on him. This spring is the first time Ash has been named the official starter, which appears to have given the junior-to-be a sense of confidence.
"It feels good to know that you have the confidence of your coaches," Ash said Tuesday. "I don't want to disappoint them. I want to keep working, just try to get better every day and help my teammates get better."
Ash has spent some time with Longhorn great Vince Young, who is back on the 40 Acres attending classes.
"I see him (Young) around. He thinks it's funny to call me Ashley ... Maybe he thinks I'm pretty, I don't know," Ash joked.
"He's really good about just throwing a little something, maybe he did whenever he played, that provided some team chemistry, being visible to teammates and setting an example with your work ethic.
"Building those relationships that go deeper than just X's and O's so that you have a real team chemistry. Whenever it's crunch time, you care about the guy next to you so you're going to do everything you can to help him win."