Horns evaluating JUCO wide receiver

Contra Costa Community College wide receiver Ronald Butler has flown under the radar for most of the recruiting season. That's beginning to change.
Last weekend, Butler took an official visit to Utah State and he picked up an offer. Iowa State has recently offered. On Tuesday, the Texas Longhorns expressed interest.
According to Butler, members of the UT coaching staff will be by Contra Costa on Thursday of this week. If that visit goes well, Butler is hoping he can set up an official visit for the weekend of February 1.
"It was a surprise. I went on a trip to Utah and got an offer. When I came back, about a day ago, my coach told me he had something big for me," Butler said. "Then (teammate) Desmond (Harrison) called and told me what it was. My eyes lit up like a light bulb. I haven't even spoken with the (Texas) coach yet. They're supposed to come Thursday to meet me."
Butler's teammate Harrison, an offensive tackle, committed to the Longhorns on Monday. On Tuesday, the Contra Costa coaches sent Butler's transcripts over to the Texas football offices.
"They called my coach back. I asked him about the transcripts and if they got accepted," Butler said. "He said yes and they might want to set up a visit."
Butler stands out on his 2012 highlight film, yet he's a player who has received very little recruiting attention until recently. He's been wondering if people would begin to notice his talents, and he's thankful that he's now getting more recognition.
"I don't even know (why he's under the radar). There are a lot of JUCOs that ran spread offense and we didn't, so I don't have huge numbers," Butler said. "But I was first-team all conference, first-team all region. If you look at my numbers - we don't run a spread, we run a pro style offense - I had close to 900 yards receiving, 55 catches with 13 TDs.
"I've got good speed. But I would say my best attribute is being able to go up and locate the ball in the air. I can be better with my route running. It's pretty good, but you always have room to get better."
Out of high school, Butler received some recruiting attention from the likes of Rutgers and Pittsburgh. His grades weren't quite up to par and a talk with Contra Costa head coach Alonzo Carter sold him on Contra Costa. He's been productive the past two years and his efforts are beginning to pay off.
"First and foremost, it's just an honor to be recommended by the head coach at Texas. That (Mack Brown) is who called my coach. That right there is an honor," Butler said. "Texas, just the name itself says a lot. Texas known as one of the number one states for football."
Texas' recruitment of Butler is still in the preliminary stages, but Butler is hopeful the talks will progress and he'll be able to make a visit to Austin. If that happens, and if Texas was to extend an offer, Butler said it might be tough to pass up.
"I would want to just jump right on it, but I'd talk it over with my mom first," Butler said. "But I've already talked to her a little and she's excited about it already."