Houston Star Aiming at Summer Time Decision

When Houston (Texas) Strake Jesuit wide receiver Chris Ogbonnaya makes his college decision, he'll be looking for a school that offers the perfect combination of excellence in the classroom and on the field.
He's also looking to make his decision before the start of his senior season.
"I think I'm really looking to make a summer time decision," Ogbonnaya said. "I think I'll be ready to make a decision by then."
The schools that Ogbonnaya seems to be giving serious interest to are Texas, Michigan, Stanford, Florida and Notre Dame. Still, the 6-1, 200-pound Ogbonnaya is keeping his options open at the moment, so that he can make the best decision possible in a few months.
"I'm really hoping to hear from some coaches on Thursday," Ogbonnaya remarked when asked about the upcoming May contact period. "I think it's great that they will be calling. I'm looking forward to it."
If the number of coaches that have been coming by the high school in recent days is any indication of the number of phone calls Ogbonnaya can expect to receive, then he might need to see about getting a second line installed at his home.
"Notre Dame and Miami were at the school today," Ogbonnaya said. "There were a lot more, but I couldn't tell where they were all from. Coach Drake from Texas was also at practice today."
With offers on the table from Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Stanford, Northwestern, Houston and several others, Ogbonnaya knows that he's sitting in a very good situation.
If there is a school that might have an edge in trying to land Ogbonnaya, it might be the Longhorns.
"I know they want to take four of us (receivers)," Ogbonnaya said. "I know I don't want to lose my spot. I think the offer is like a train ticket and you don't want to miss your spot on the train."
At least one person is confident that Ogbonnaya will end up a Longhorn, even if he's not quite through sorting through everything.
Enter future Texas tight end Steve Hogan, who signed with the Longhorns in February and is Ogbonnaya's best friend.
"He's been doing a little recruiting," Ogbonnaya said with a laugh. "He tells me all the time that I need to just go ahead and commit because I know that's where I want to go."
In the end, Hogan might be right. Ogbonnaya added that he plans on attending the Texas summer camp in June and it's likely that the Longhorns will use their best sales pitch then to try and convince him that the 40 Acres is the place to be.
Still, there's a lot of time left before Ogbonnaya makes his decision and every school that has offered is under heavy consideration.
"I'm in a pretty lucky position," Ogbonnaya said. "I think all of the schools I'm interested in will have offered by this summer and those are the ones that I will decide between."