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Forty Acres community guidelines

Thanks to everyone for subscribing. As a bit of a resource that you subscribers can use, here are some general rules for the Inside the Forty Acres board and information about what is expected of posters on that forum.

--- No political threads or comments. If a blatantly political thread is started, it will be deleted and the user will be subject to a 7-day suspension of his or her posting privileges.

Similarly, if political comments are posted within a non-political thread, those posts will be deleted and the poster will be subject to a 7-day suspension.

Keeping those types of posts off the board, and out of non-political posts, helps keep discussion civil and helps keep threads focused on the original point.

--- No religious threads or comments. The rules here are pretty much identical to the “no politics” rules. Please keep them off the Forty Acres board at all times.

--- No personal attacks. This goes for attacks on other posters, attacks on recruits, attacks on current UT players and attacks on UT coaches. Critiques are fair game and debates with others on the board are always welcome, but keep them civil and have some actual thought behind your posts rather than just a blatant attack. Those too are subject to a suspension of posting privileges.

--- No posts on racial issues or similar social issues. Part of what makes the Forty Acres board great is the ability to find news, humor, etc on most topics. But volatile subjects like race relations, gender discrimination, climate change, and other similar issues inevitably turn political and need to be kept off the board.

As always, if you want to discuss politics (or any of the issues mentioned above), you’re welcome to do it in our other premium board, the Longhorn Corral. Just please keep it civil in there as well.

--- No pornography or pictures of nude/topless women. We get it … boys are going to be boys to some degree, but people view this site at work, in public areas in their homes, etc., so those things need to be kept PG-13ish. Violation of this rule is an automatic temporary suspension of posting privileges.

--- No f-bombs or curse words that are generally considered offensive in public settings. That includes in memes and/or gifs. Those are subject to a 7-day suspension as well.

--- Basically, we want the Forty Acres board to be enjoyable for everyone, and there are a handful of issues that inevitably lead to unnecessary arguments and completely hijack threads. Keep it civil and if you have to stop and question whether or not something is close to or over the line, it’s probably best to leave it off the board or re-word your post.

As always, there are going to be some areas that have to be left to judgment calls by the OB staff. Those will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. More than anything else, we want to get across to all of you that when we make the moderating decisions that we're called on to make, our only intention is to do what we think is in the best interest of the site. Every time.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and cooperation.

--- --- In addition to the above guidelines, the following Yahoo Community Guidelines govern all conduct on this forum.