It’s Snead time

Jevan Snead and his Stephenville teammates are still trying to get over their 41-38 loss to Highland Park last Saturday in Denton. The loss not only ended a state semi-final playoff run, but also ended the high school career of Snead, who burst onto the scene as a sophomore and became a household name to recruiters after throwing for 3,025 yards and 29 touchdowns as junior. Snead led the Yellow Jackets to a 10-1 season as a junior, but the season ended too early for the players and fans in the football crazy community.
Snead and his teammates came into the 2005 season focused on competing for the 4A State Title and they did not disappoint. Stephenville rolled through the regular season before facing a test against an undefeated Plainview squad from the panhandle. Stephenville advanced 26-23 in overtime and that placed them in the state semi-finals.
Stephenville was set to go up against a powerful Highland Park team that was coming off of an impressive win against Ennis. The game lived up to it's billing in a 41-38 thriller, but the end result was a loss for the Yellow Jackets.
The loss ended the high school career of Snead, but the four-star talent did better his junior numbers in his senior season by throwing for 3,546 yards and 38 touchdowns. He added 766 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns. All told, Snead accounted for 61 touchdowns and averaged 308 yard per game in total offense. Snead completed 223 of 361 passes (11 interceptions) for 61.8 percent.
Snead's head coach Chad Morris says Jevan brings a lot more to the table than a perfect release of the football.
"Jevan brings so much to the game," Morris said. "The best thing he does is make 10 football players better when he is one the field with them He is a good leader. Jevan takes the mentality that he will take on the pressure of the team and he responds."
Snead understands that the pressure will only be greater when he starts taking snaps on the Forty Acres, but Coach Morris doesn't think it will phase the 6-foot-3, 208-pound quarterback.
"There is a lot of pressure being the quarterback at Stephenville and some people don't know that. That will help prepare him for the next level. He knows there is the possibility that he may be competing for the starting job at Texas (if Young turns pro) in the next few months. He's a competitor and he will respond," Morris said.
Snead is known as a quarterback that can run the ball when needed, but throwing the football is his bread and butter. Blessed with a perfect release, quick and strong arm, Snead can hit just about any type of pass that he's called upon to throw. Morris says he can make the throws he will have to on the next level.
"He can really throw the deep in, post route and flag route well. We don't throw the deep out in our system, but he can throw that too. His release is the best I have ever seen. I have watched Texas a lot this year and he can make all of the throws they will ask of him," Morris said.
With Snead's high school career ending a week before he and his teammates would have liked, it's time to star the next chapter of his life. He will be graduating from Stephenville High in the next couple of weeks and spending the Christmas holidays with his family before moving on with his football career. Snead was selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 7. It's an honor that only a few high school players in the state receive it's the first chance for the best prospects in the country to test themselves in full pads against players from all around the country.
After the all-star game wraps up, Snead will turn his attention to attending classes at The University of Texas and competing for one of the top college football programs in the country.
Snead sat down between classes to chat about expectations, moving on with his career and playing the quarterback position.
Q: What goes through your mind when walking to the line of scrimmage pre-snap?
A: Just checking out the defense. I look at the safeties and then the linebackers to see where they are positioned. After that, I check the defensive lineman to see if they are playing one, two or three technique and last if there are any uncovered.
Q: What is your favorite route to throw?
A: I don't really know. I guess throwing the ball downfield. We throw the post a lot here.
Q: What are your strength's as a quarterback?
A: Probably being able to make my reads fast.
Q: What will be biggest adjustment at the next level and what do you need to work on to compete at that level?
A: Speed of the game will be the toughest adjustment. Working on my speed, quickness and strength is where I want to improve.
Q: What made Texas your final choice?
A: They showed a lot of interest since the beginning. Family is important to me. I will get to come home every once in a while.
Q: Do you know any of the recruits in the incoming class?
A: Not really. The only one I have talked with is Sherrod (Harris). We have been to a few camps together. I'm kind of embarrasses that I don't know the other guys when they come up and talk to me and shake my hand. I look forward to getting to know them.
Q: When do you report to Texas?
A: I don't know (laughing). I will be playing in the Army All-American game January 7th.
Q: When will you sign your letter of intent?
A: I don't know that either (laughing).
Q: Have you built much of a relationship with Mack Brown?
A: I really haven't yet. I haven't been around him a lot. He's a great guy from the little I have been around him. He comes off as good people.
Q: Talk about the loss to Highland Park.
A: We played really well. It didn't work out the way we had hoped and we think we should still be playing. My teammates did an awesome job of stepping up on offense and defense. It's hard to think about.
Q: Is there a lot of pressure playing quarterback at Stephenville?
A: There is a lot of pressure, but it's fun. Everybody in this part of the country cares about Stephenville football and I'm sure it will be the same at UT.
Q: What are your thoughts on the pressure of being a quarterback at The University of Texas?
A: There will be a lot of pressure, but it's part of the game. Hopefully Vince Young stays and I will get to red-shirt. That would be great for the team too.
Q: Have you prepared yourself if Vince does turn pro?
A: I haven't thought about it much with our season going as long as it did. If that happens, I'm going to have to mentally adjust quicker. Hopefully he will stay, but I'll be ready to compete if he leaves.
Q: I've heard rumors that you were involved in rodeo. Any truth to the rumors?
A: No sir (laughing). When I was a kid, I was involved some.
Q: Your family moved to Stephenville entering your freshman year. Where are you originally from and why did your family move?
A: I'm from Eden (1A school). It's between Brady and San Angelo. We moved to be closer to family that lives in Dublin and here in Stephenville. Moving to a bigger school too.