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Ketchs 10 Thoughts From The Weekend

Recruiting matters.
If there's one thing we've seen that has changed over the last few years around the 40 Acres as it relates to the subject of recruiting, it's the idea from some corners that its importance has somewhat diminished because of the team's recent three-year run of floundering. You know what I'm talking about, it's usually sounds a little something like this:
"Stars don't matter at all."
"Mack Brown has a team full of stars and he can't win with the prima donnas, so give me a team full of two-star players with heart."
"Colt McCoy was a three-star, so that proves that it doesn't matter where you are rated."
Despite the fact that every ounce of success that Mack Brown has enjoyed in his time at Texas is due in large part to the heavy lifting on behalf of a bevy of incredibly highly-rated players, there seems to be a belief that the Longhorns need less star recruits and more lunch pail workers. There were even suggestions this week that the selection of two-star prospect Eric Fisher from Central Michigan as the No. 1 overall was positive proof of this newly formed ideology.
I'm of the opinion that this line of thinking is misguided, misinformed and influenced by the negative emotion of three seasons of sub-.500 play in conference action since the changing of the decade. As you will soon see, the math is heavily on my side.
Let's start with a few basics for the discussion we're about to have.
1. There are currently 120 FBS programs playing college football in 2013, which means that there are 10,200 scholarship players in college football if every school has maxed out its 85-man scholarship limit.
2. From 2008-2011, rated on the average 3,820 players per year (including JUCO and prep schools), with the average star distribution breakdown looking like this:
Five stars (6.1): 31.25
Four stars (6.0): 44
Four stars (5.9): 91
Four stars (5.8): 232.75
Three stars (5.7) 309.25
Three stars (5.6) 469.5
Three stars (5.5) 601
Two stars (5.4) 592
Two stars (5.3) 408.5
Two stars (5.2) 567
Two stars (5.1) 215
Two stars (5.0/4.9) 258.5
You probably had no idea that this kind of volume of rated prospects each year even exists because so many of you have never really paid attention to 90 percent of the players that make up the majority of ranked prospects and recruited players each year. Stay with me for a while because some of these numbers are probably going to blow your mind.
With those numbers fresh in your mind, let's take a look at the rankings breakdown of the top 62 players (top two rounds) from the 2013 NFL Draft
Five stars (6.1): 9
Four stars (6.0): 7
Four stars (5.9): 6
Four stars (5.8): 8
Three stars (5.7) 8
Three stars (5.6) 8
Three stars (5.5) 5
Two stars (5.4) 2
Two stars (5.3) 0
Two stars (5.2) 3
Two stars (5.1) 1
Two stars (5.0/4.9) 1
Zero stars: 4
So, what does that mean? It means that on the average…
a. One out of every 3.47 five-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
b. One out of every 6.29 top-tier (6.0) four-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
c. One out of every 15.67 mid-tier (5.9) four-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
d. One out of every 29.09 low-tier (5.8) four-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
e. One out of every 75.13 top-tier (5.7) three-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
f. One out of every 58.59 mid-tier (5.6) three-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
g. One out of every 120.20 low-tier (5.5) three-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
h. One out of every 500.25 top-tier (5.4/5.3) two-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
i. One out of every 195.50 mid-tier (5.2/5.1) two-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
j. One out of every 258.50 low-tier (5.0/4.9) two-star prospects was drafted in the top two rounds.
Let's take a look at how the numbers breakdown if we go a little deeper into the draft and include the next two rounds, which includes a total of 133 players.
Five stars (6.1): 17
Four stars (6.0): 11
Four stars (5.9): 12
Four stars (5.8): 19
Three stars (5.7) 18
Three stars (5.6) 14
Three stars (5.5) 9
Two stars (5.4) 5
Two stars (5.3) 1
Two stars (5.2) 8
Two stars (5.1) 5
Two stars (5.0/4.9) 2
Zero stars: 12
So, what does these set of numbers mean? It means that on the average…
a. One out of every 1.84 five-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
b. One out of every 4.00 top-tier (6.0) four-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
c. One out of every 7.58 mid-tier (5.9) four-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
d. One out of every 12.25 low-tier (5.8) four-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
e. One out of every 17.18 top-tier (5.7) three-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
f. One out of every 33.54 mid-tier (5.6) three-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
g. One out of every 66.78 low-tier (5.5) three-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
h. One out of every 166.75 top-tier (5.4/5.3) two-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
i. One out of every 60.15 mid-tier (5.2/5.1) two-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
j. One out of every 129.25 low-tier (5.0/4.9) two-star prospects was drafted in the top four rounds.
What the heck, let's go ahead and take a look at how the numbers break down if we go through all seven rounds of the draft, which includes a total of 254 players.
Five stars (6.1): 19
Four stars (6.0): 16
Four stars (5.9): 22
Four stars (5.8): 48
Three stars (5.7) 29
Three stars (5.6) 24
Three stars (5.5) 20
Two stars (5.4) 14
Two stars (5.3) 2
Two stars (5.2) 15
Two stars (5.1) 10
Two stars (5.0/4.9) 7
Zero stars: 28
So, what does these set of numbers mean? It means that on the average…
a. One out of every 1.65 five-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
b. One out of every 2.75 top-tier (6.0) four-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
c. One out of every 4.12 mid-tier (5.9) four-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
d. One out of every 4.85 low-tier (5.8) four-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
e. One out of every 10.66 top-tier (5.7) three-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
f. One out of every 19.56 mid-tier (5.6) three-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
g. One out of every 30.05 low-tier (5.5) three-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
h. One out of every 62.53 top-tier (5.4/5.3) two-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
i. One out of every 31.28 mid-tier (5.2/5.1) two-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
j. One out of every 36.93 low-tier (5.0/4.9) two-star prospects was drafted in the top seven rounds.
Honestly, what else needs to be said? The next time someone tells you that recruiting doesn't matter and that stars don't matter, print this section of the article out and shove it in their face.
No. 2 - Scattershooting on the Longhorns …
… Kenny Vaccaro landed in the perfect spot with the Saints taking him at No.15 in the first round. His presence in the back end of that defense improves them immediately and they've been missing exactly what he brings to the table. In a division that has Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Josh Freeman in it, you better be good in the secondary. A Vaccaro/Roman Harper safety duo is a very good start to fixing that wretched unit.
… It made total sense that Marquise Goodwin was drafted by Buffalo because GM Buddy Nix likes fast players and would buy them by the pound if he could, which means that Goodwin's speed must have been temping at pick No.16. Instead, they waited until round three and landed their guy. The Bills are an absolute mess right now, but outside of Stevie Johnson, they don't have much at wide receiver, which means Goodwin will have a shot at a lot of immediate playing time the moment he walks through the door. If I'm Goodwin, I'm making E.J. Manuel my new best friend.
… Speaking of players falling into a perfect spot in terms of playing time, Alex Okafor might have lasted until the fourth round, but if he can push second-year player O'Brien Schofield, who is coming off of ankle surgery, he could emerge as a starter in his rookie season opposite fellow Longhorn-ex Sam Acho. He went two rounds later than he likely hoped, but he fell to an organization that needs him now and in the future.
… As expected, Brandon Moore went undrafted, but he landed in San Diego as a free agent and in the ultimate of all ironies, he could end up battling fellow rookie free agent Jamarkus McFarland of Oklahoma for a spot on the roster or practice squad. It'll be interesting to see how both players adjust to playing defensive end in San Diego's 3-4 scheme.
… Former Longhorn Dan Buckner signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals. No, he wasn't a dominant player in college, but the Longhorns sure could have used him the last few seasons.
… How in the hell did Rice develop two tight ends into drafted players by the NFL this weekend and the Longhorns can't so much as develop a consistent player? M.J. McFarland, the hopes and dreams of this position are in your basket.
… If the Longhorn baseball team's season was the movie Titanic, this weekend's series might have been the scene where the ship breaks completely in half.
… In 27 innings of action this weekend, the Longhorns had four extra-base hits, all doubles.
… Don't worry, Dillon Peters. We see you scrapping.
No. 3 - How bout them Cowboys!!!!!
Here's the conundrum I face today as a Cowboys fan when evaluating the results of the 2013 NFL Draft … history shows in quite overwhelming fashion that Jerry Jones' success in the draft mostly arrives with the premium picks, while anything after the third or fourth round turns into a disaster. I'm not saying I can set my watch by it, but yeah … I can kind of set my watch by it.
So, what the hell am I supposed to do when the parts of the 2013 Draft that I like the most are in the areas I know Jerry rarely finds success?
It scares me because deep down I think I already know the answers, but overall I didn't hate the draft as much as I hated what the team did in the first round because Travis Frederick can turn into an All-Pro player and it won't change the fact that they didn't get …
a. An elite-level talent from a draft that didn't have a lot of them and they were staring at several at No. 18.
b. They didn't maximize pick value the way they did later in the draft.
Overall, I'll give the draft a C.
Here are some snapshot thoughts on each player in the class:
First round (No. 31) - Travis Frederick (Center/Wisconsin)
Snapshot: For the third time in the last eight year, the Cowboys go back to the Wisconsin well for their center needs and I can only hope that the third time is the charm because he's not an elite-level player like Mike or Maurkice Pouncey were coming out. I'm sure he's going to be a player that starts for them, but I don't know how high I should set the bar. I'm thinking about buying a Frederick jersey for the irony of it all.
If I was running things: John Cyprien (Safety/Florida International)
Second round (No. 47) - Gavin Escobar (Tight End/San Diego State)
Snapshot: Of course, they took a tight end in the second round. Of course they did. Everyone seems to agree that this kid can ball and will add a dimension to the offense opposite Jason Witten. My problem is that I've heard this exact scenario in the past and it has never actually panned out. This guy is good value, but I'm very skeptical.
If I was running things: Travis Frederick (If they absolutely had to have him, this is the spot, not 16 picks earlier)
Third round (No. 74) - Terrance Williams (Wide Receiver/Baylor)
Snapshot: It's rare when this happens but this was actually a pick I was hoping for because I'm a big supporter of Williams' raw talent. The Cowboys have taken a number of receivers in the Jerry era in the third round and beyond … this is probably my favorite of those picks. Romo is going to love this dude because he's an upgraded version of Laurent Robinson.
If I were running things: Williams
Third round (No. 80) - J.J. Wilcox (Safety/Georgia Southern)
Snapshot: This is a small-school kid that a lot of folks really like, but any time Jerry goes to the small schools for a defensive back, I cringe and fall into a shell. On paper, I don't really have an issue with the pick, but if they had drafted a safety in the fourth round, they'd be in a position to have addressed this need with a better option and gone for the best player available here.
If I was running things: John Jenkins (Defensive Tackle/Georgia)
Fourth round (No. 114) - B.W. Webb (Cornerback/William & Mary)
Snapshot: Oh crap, it's another small school defensive back. Again, he's a guy that a lot of people seem to like in this spot from a value standpoint, but I've just been burned too many times by guys with this exact same profile to believe this guy is going to be a starting-caliber player.
If I was running things: Marcus Lattimore (Running Back/South Carolina)
Fifth round (No. 151) - Joseph Randle (Running back/Oklahoma State)
Snapshot: Love the pick, love the pick, love the pick … twice in the same draft they took a guy I was aiming for in the spot. The addition of Randle makes the running game better, period.
If I was running things: Randle
Sixth round (No. 185) - Devonte Holloman (Outside linebacker/South Carolina)
Snapshot: Another pick that I like. Holloman was a very good multi-year impact player for the Gamecocks, so that's the kind of profile I like to see in the 6th round.
If I was running things: Jeff Baca (Offensive guard/UCLA)
No. 4 - Houston, we filled some problems …
Oddly enough, I feel the exact opposite about the work the Texans did, in that I really liked what they did early in the draft and then wasn't really in love with anything they did after the third round. It was a solid effort and if they hit on their first two picks, they'll have improved greatly in two areas of major need, but I don't know if the Texans helped themselves in their pursuit of the Super Bowl as much as some of the other contenders in this draft were able to do.
Let's take a round-by-round look at things.
First round (No. 27) - DeAndre Hopkins (Wide receiver/Clemson)
Snapshot: The Texans have needed additional help at wide receiver opposite Andre Johnson for years and maybe they finally found someone that can help open up the offense a little more. Personally, I preferred Cordarrelle Patterson as the No. 2 receiver in the draft, but Hopkins is more ready to play right now and that's the frame of mind the team is n.
If I was running things: Cordarrelle Patterson (Wide receiver/Tennessee)
Second round (No. 57) - D.J. Swearinger (Safety/South Carolina)
Snapshot: Interesting selection. I really thought Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown would have been the perfect pick for the Texans, but he went off the board right before they selected, leaving the hard-hitting, SEC-style of Swearinger staring them right in the face. I'm a fan of Swearinger, so I've got no problem with the selection, but I might have gone tackle in this spot and safety in the next round.
If I was running things: Terron Armstead (Offensive tackle/Arkansas Pine-Bluff)
Third round (No. 89) - Brennan Williams (Offensive tackle/UNC)
Snapshot: The Texans ended up taking the tackle they needed on the offensive side of the ball in the third round, but there seemed to be a pretty steep drop-off in the quality of the linemen that remained available in the spot and they might have reached for a need, rather than take the best player available.
If I was running things: Shamarko Thomas (Safety/Syracuse)
Third round (No. 95) - Sam Montgomery (Defensive end/LSU)
Snapshot: LSU defensive linemen are hit or miss at the NFL level, but I thought the selection of Montgomery was perfect for the Texans and represents the best of the day two and three picks that they made, as they combined a need with what might have been the best player still on the board.
If I was running things: Montgomery
Fourth round (No. 124) - Trevardo Williams (Defensive end/U.Conn)
Snapshot: Williams is a tweener pass rusher and the Texans definitely needed to come out of the draft with a guy that can get after the quarterback, but there seemed to better values on the board at the time of the selection and perhaps better prospects at the position they looked to improve. The fourth round ought to be a pick that focuses on the best available talent and not a need.
If I was running things: John Simon (Defensive end/Ohio State)
Sixth round (No. 176) - David Quessenberry (Offensive tackle/San Jose State)
Snapshot: As you might expect with a sixth round line prospect, there are some limitations to his ability and he projects as a depth provider if not much else. I would have still been aiming for raw upside at this point.
If I was running things: Cornelius Washington (Outside linebacker/Georgia)
Sixth round (No. 195) - Alan Bonner (Wide receiver/Jacksonville State)
Snapshot: I like the idea of doubling down on wide receiver, but I thought they selected the wrong guy.
If I was running things: Cobi Hamilton (Wide receiver/Arkansas)
Sixth round (No. 198) - Chris Jones (Defensive tackle/Bowling Green)
Snapshot: I'm not going to nitpick this selection very much because it's late in the draft and I don't even know this kid, but there was a defensive tackle or two I liked a little more in the spot if this is the direction they wanted to go in.
If I was running things: Everett Dawkins (Defensive tackle/Florida State)
Sixth round (No.201) = Ryan Griffin (Tight end/U.Conn)
Snapshot: The Texans love them some U.Conn players. I guess.
If I was running things: Michael Williams (Tight end/Alabama)
No. 5 - Five-on-five: More Draft Randomness…
I. I hate that the San Francisco 49ers are such an incredibly well-run organization right now and light years ahead of where the Cowboys are currently positioned. I thought the 49ers put together an incredible class, highlighted by LSU safety Eric Reid (who I was very open to the Cowboys taking at No. 18) in the first round, Louisiana Tech wide receiver Quinton Patten in the fourth round and especially South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore with a compensatory pick at the end of the fourth round. Most teams in the NFL couldn't afford to give a guy like Lattimore a redshirt year, but the 49ers are in a very envious position, one that might allow them to cleanly transition from Frank Gore to a healthy Lattimore in a few years. Again, I hate the state of my life as a football fan.
II. Very quietly, the Arizona Cardinals might have had one of the best drafts of anyone in the league. Jonathan Cooper was my dream pick at No. 18 for the Cowboys and then the team took quality picks in my mind with Kevin Minter (second round), Tyrann Mathieu (third round), Alex Okafor (fourth round), Stepfan Taylor (fifth round), Ryan Swope (sixth round) and Andre Ellington (sixth round).
III. Green Bay might have improved the most of any Super Bowl contender with the addition of Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin, my two favorite backs in the entire class. Aaron Rodgers has 110 million reasons to smile after this weekend, but infusing these two talents into their ground attack will make that offense potentially more potent than it's been the past.
IV. If I'm Tom Brady, I'm not real happy that the Patriots were falling back and taking unheralded players instead of drafting up and getting me a bad mamma jamma that can help me win another championship before I retire. That being said, I did like the pick of Josh Boyce in the fifth round … Brady will like that kid.
V. It's pretty much now or else for St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford because the organization gave him a pair of weapons at wide receiver in Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey to go along with second-year stud Chris Givens, tight end Jared Cook and tight end Lance Kendricks. It's time, Sam.
No. 6 - Meanwhile, over in the UCF…
What did we learn this weekend from UFC 159?
Well, we learned that a guy that has given Anderson Silva two pretty tough tussles in the Octagon was basically sparring trash for Jon Jones.
We also learned that Jones is starting to reach a level where he's putting together game-plans built on principle and message-sending because he was savagely beating Chael Sonnon by giving the challenger a taste of his own medicine. All those things that Sonnon did to Silva, Jones did them to Sonnon with more emphatic results. Jones barely broke a sweat in dominating Sonnon in a way he's never really been dominated.
The list of things we learned didn't stop with those two items.
We already knew that Jones' pain tolerance and willingness to fight through tough circumstances had been cemented in his win over Vitor Belfort, but his ability to dominate and finish the fight in the first round, despite owning a broken toe just reinforced that this dude is different than anyone else we've seen fight.
Perhaps the most important thing we learned over the weekend is that Silva called Dana White on Saturday and requested a super-fight with either Jones or Georges St-Pierre. According to YahooSports' Kevin Iole, the request was for Jones.
Be very, very careful what you ask for, Anderson. You just might get it.
No. 7 - More mindless sports banter …
… The Spurs and Lakers have quite a history, but they may have put the Lakers into the ground for good in the last week. At this point, they look like the favorites in the West if they can stay healthy.
… The Dwightmare is back. My goodness, what a clown-show that was.
… Kevin Durant poured in 41 points and 14 rebounds on Saturday night, yet there were still calls from national reporters such as Stephen A. Smith for Durant to do more, be more and produce more. On a night when he produced a line that would serve as a career night for 98 percent of the league, the cry is for him to be almost superhuman. As crazy as it sounds, I kind of agree with Smith that Durant does need to be even more assertive because he started deferring in the third quarter and with the other guys on the floor taking over the offense, the Thunder nearly lost that game. It's scary to think about what his averages might look like the rest of the post-season. It certainly wouldn't shock me to see him average 40 a game in the next round.
… I think the best thing that could happen for the Thunder is for the Rockets to beat them in game four, which would allow them for another tune-up performance with this new line-up before the beginning of their next round of play.
… Hey Lob City … good game, good effort. The Clippers went to Memphis with a 2-0 lead and lost twice on the road by a combined 33 points. Woof! The Grizzlies have turned their series against the Clippers into a dogfight that seems destined for seven games and the Thunder will be eternally grateful for it.
… Nate F'ing Robinson. What a shot. What a game.
… The Heat swept the Bucks. Water is wet.
… Mike D'Antoni is 1-14 in his last 15 playoff games.
… In a 21-point loss in Atlanta on Saturday, here are the point totals for the Indiana Pacers by quarter: 14, 16, 19 and 20. Even the Clippers think that was a dog performance on the road.
… Give Roy Nelson his title fight. I will absolutely fork over $50 to watch him take on Cain Velasquez. Love that dude.
… We deserved better in the co-main event as fans than what Michael Bisping/Alan Belcher gave us. After all of the talky talk, those two just danced with each other before a thumb in the eye ended the match.
… Boxing continues to have an amazing 2013, as I thought the Danny Garcia/Zab Judah fight was a hell of a lot better than anything UFC 159 gave us. Like several other amazing fights this year, Garcia and Judah fired away at each other like men desperate for air. After being dominated for most of eight rounds, Judah came from nearly being knocked out to controlling the fight for the final three rounds. It was damn good stuff and I think anyone that watched the fight would be okay with a rematch.
No. 8 - A string of Game of Thrones thoughts after episode three of season three …
*********WARNING: MINI-SPOILERS**************
1. Don't F with The Hound. That fight was better than UFC 159.
2. Jon Snow is a new man. Lie will never be the same for that ol' boy.
3. I get the sense that eventually Jaime is going to be an angry, blood-thirsty sonofagun when he gets his groove back.
4. Grandma Tyrell don't play and she's nobody's fool. Damn, she just toyed around with Tyrion for the sake of having something to do on a Tuesday.
5. Grandma Tyrell and Tywin need some scenes together.
6. Poor Sansa. She's a pawn that everyone has their hands on.
No. 9 - Pop goes the culture because the culture goes pop …
… Hottie of the Weekend: There's only one Candice Swanepoel and thank goodness for that. If there were two of them they might just rule the world.
… Hottie of the Weekend (runner-up): Jessica Alba at the beach oh my!
… Happy 80th, Willie: One of his finest
… Sign That The Apocalypse is Upon Us: Elton John Says Feud With Madonna Is Over
… Most Predictable News-story of the Weekend Woman-beater and Riri are off…. again .
… No. 1 in America: Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? .
… LOL : TV Ratings: 'Duck Dynasty' Tops 'American Idol' With Record-Breaking Finale . Raise your hand if you watched.
… 100 Words or Less Movie Review: The Place Behind the Pines (B+)
Very close to being a great movie, but I'm not sure I'm willing to go quite that far. One thing the movie definitely does is take you on one hell of a ride. Ryan Gosling steals every scene that he's in and if the movie has a biggest problem, it's that you miss Gosling when he's not involved. Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta and newcomer Dane DeHaan are also really strong in their roles. It becomes a little unbelievable at one point, but the tension throughout is real and always present. Do yourself a favor and go see it.
… 100 Words or Less Comedy Review: Jim Gaffigan (A)
Easily the most money I've ever put down for a comedy show, I've got nothing but good things to say about Mr. Hot Pocket's hour-long set. In addition to making sure he played the hits (Bacon!), he had fresh material that I hadn't seen yet. I can't say that it was the best show I've ever been to, but I laughed my ass off pretty good from start to finish. Any time he's talking about food, he can't lose.
No. 10 - The List: Van Halen
Last five songs out: Everybody Wants Some! , Mean Street , And The Cradle Will Rock… , jaime's Cryin' and When It's Love
10. Atomic Punk
In their four-decade evolution as a band, the group has gone through a number of different sounds, but in the very beginning their roots were made with some punk/metal roots and you can feel the raw power of their early sound in this track off their debut album.
9. Little Dreamer
This song gets my vote for most underrated song in their entire catalog.
8. Unchained
It pretty much HAS to be on the list because it has been a band staple for more than 30 years. I'm going to catch some grief from folks who believe this song should be higher.
7. Jump
The combination of the song/video turned me into a Van Halen fan at the age of eight. It's a little synthesized for me to slot it in the No. 1 slot, but in a lot of ways it is my favorite track for sentimental reasons.
6. Hot For Teacher
1984 is one of the great rock albums of all-time and it came along at a very interesting time in rock history with the evolution of MTV into the mainstream. This video is iconic as any in rock and roll history. The band absolutely knew how to choose the talent that participated in their videos. Oh, and the song is a monster rock jam.
5. Eruption
Eddie is a freak.
4. Right Now
This might be more Sammy Hagar than a true Van Halen song, but a case can be made that this is the greatest song that the band ever recorded, which makes for a hell of an irony for those that believe the band doesn't exist without David Lee Roth. Give Sammy some credit because the song is an all-timer. Flame away.
3. Runnin' With The Devil
The soul and DNA of the band can be found in this track from their very first album. It's David lee Roth at his wild-ass best and Eddie blazes a hell of a trail for those that had never heard their sound before.
2. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Van Halen came out of the gates swinging for the fences with the first few albums and this is the masterpiece from the debut album Van Halen.
1. Panama
You can make a case for three different songs from the 1984 album that receive consideration for the top spot on the list, but there might not be a more Van Halen song that was ever recorded because Eddie was absolutely ferocious on the guitar and David Lee was never better than when he says the words, "Yeah, we're runnin' a little bit hot tonight. I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off of it. Ah, you reach down between my legs. Ease the seat back."
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