Lets get physical

It has been nearly three months since the Longhorns have publicly taken the field, but that will change Saturday in the annual Orange White Spring Game. Quandre Diggs told the media Wednesday night he has seen gradual changes in the defense mentality but he wants to see more angry play.
"I don't think we have 11 guys playing angry right now," Diggs said Wednesday, "But I am seeing we're gradually getting guys going out and changing the way they play. And going out with a purpose to try to knock somebody's head off.
"That's the main thing. You have got to want to. If you go out angry with a chip on your shoulder every day, just knowing that you want to be the best, that will help everybody else get better."
David Ash admitted the offensive play in addition to his last season was inconsistent and unacceptable, but he said he has seen changes in that consistency.
"I think we're starting to become more consistent as an offense, which is something we struggled with last year. And I struggled with last year, as far as good game, good game, bad game ... And that's unacceptable.
"It is going to be my job, and everyone on this team's job, to hold everybody accountable throughout these next three or four months of the summer and the offseason.
"As far as making sure that when we are on our own, we improve and get better. That is going to be the test. The coaches aren't going to be around. It is just going to be us. We've got to take ownership of this team and make it something special next year."