Orangebloods - Longhorns are a top contender for DB Javien Toviano
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Longhorns are a top contender for DB Javien Toviano

The Texas Longhorns have had success in recruiting Arlington Martin over the past two cycles with a signing from Morice Blackwell in the 2021 class and an early commitment from Trevell Johnson in the 2022 class. If the UT staff has its way, the trend will continue, with cornerback Javien Toviano already identified as a top Texas target in that class.

Toviano, one of the top prospects in the state of Texas in the 2023 class, is in regular contact with the UT coaches.

“I talk to them at least once a week, through Jeff Banks or coach (Steve) Sark (Sarkisian). They’re definitely going to be sitting at the top when it all comes down to it,” Toviano said. “They’re definitely one I’ll consider. Of course, my boys go there with Morice and Trevell, so that would be an impact on my decision.”

Blackwell and Johnson are constantly in Toviano’s ear trying to sell him on Texas, and Toviano said their input does make an impression.

“I hear about it once or twice a week. Every day actually,” Toviano said. “It’s cool knowing those guys are up there and definitely one I’ll consider.

“It impacts me a lot, just guys that I looked up to, growing up watching the program and then playing with them this year, it’s just a cool experience and getting to play with them in college would be cool also.”

When the dead period is lifted, possibly on May 31, Toviano said he knows he wants to visit Texas and Oregon. Texas A&M will also be a likely early visit and then he’ll try to set up more trips to out-of-state schools. The 6-1, 185-pound Toviano wants to take his time and not rush into an early decision.

“I’m thinking of dragging it out a little bit, not being so rushed, taking some time with the process and just enjoying the process,” he said.

As for what has Texas in the mix, Toviano said it’s a combination of factors, from the new coaching staff to the tradition to proximity.

“The brand of football. The tenacity they play with. The coaches. The energy. And of course, staying here in Texas, it’s a big powerhouse here,” he said. “It’s just the program, the way they’re flipping it around. Coming off mediocre years, you can tell they’re trying to go out there and compete for a national championship. That’s what’s standing out to me the most.”

Along with Texas, Oregon and Texas A&M, Baylor and Oklahoma State are other programs that have been active in their pursuit. Toviano currently holds 12 scholarship offers, a number that will certainly grow in the coming months.

Down the road, when it comes time to narrow his focus or even make a decision, Toviano said he knows of a few factors that will weigh heavily into his decisions.

“Of course academics,” he said. “Not too much staying home, but that would be cool also. Also, just a place where I can get in and play early.”

Toviano ranks No. 3 on the initial Lone Star Recruiting Top 100 list.