Meet Patrick Suddes

Texas is entrusting its recruiting efforts to 30-year-old Alabama graduate Patrick Suddes. Suddes has spent the last eight years working under Nick Saban at LSU, Alabama and with the Miami Dolphins. Suddes' resume includes five years as associate director of football operations at Alabama, one year as associate director of recruiting and video services at Alabama and defensive and offensive assistant with the Miami Dolphins.
We had a chance to speak with Suddes Friday in his introductory press conference, where he expressed his excitement about Texas and how he plans to help the Longhorns on the recruiting front.
"Basically why I'm here is to improve the lives of the coaches and Coach Brown," Suddes said in his introductory press conference Friday. "Recruiting has changed daily, yearly. It's getting more advanced. So that's why I'm here, make the job for the coaches easier so that they can evaluate.
"I've been around a lot of great coaches, great recruiters, Coach (Nick) Saban, his staff there really was behind the guy that kind of changed the game in recruiting in college, Ed Marynowitz, who is assistant director of player personnel at the Eagles now. He changed the game and taught me a lot. I'm kind of taking his philosophy, Coach Saban's philosophy and then adapting it to Coach (Mack) Brown's philosophy here at Texas."