Mike Davis looks to bring Magic to the Longhorns

Texas wide receiver Mike Davis was regarded as one of the top receiver recruits in the country. After an average 2011 season as a Longhorn, Mike Davis opened up about his off the field battles he faced.
"Last year I had a lot of distractions and stuff going on. It was pretty tough, at the time it was kind of hard trying to battle with it and trying to focus on the field, but I still tried to do the best I could when I was out there. But my mind really wasn't there as it is right now."
Davis' off the field struggles were so tough for him to handle, he considered walking away from the game he loves.
"I'm not a quitter, but I also had doubts and other thoughts, but I just kept it with God and leaned on Him, I wasn't going to run away from it and I just stayed with it, and now I'm better today.
"I used to talk to James Kirkendoll, I wasn't really talking to anybody on the team about it. He would tell me don't give up, just stay with it and do what you gotta do."
Davis' battle through his personal issues has helped him embrace his name, Magic. Hear the background on why Davis' parents named him Magic, and how he plans to take the Magic to the field in: Davis looking to bring Magic to the Longhorns.