OBHD: Focusing on fixing

Orangebloods HD: Monday Madness from on Vimeo.
Mack Brown, coordinators, and players met with the media today to recap the Longhorns victory over Wyoming. Of all the positives that happened in Saturday, the Longhorns are focusing in on fixing the few issues the team faced against Wyoming.
"I think it was perfect for us on Saturday night. Our defense was mad. They'll go back to work this week, even though it's totally a different look. But they're going to have to be disciplined, they're going to have to pay attention, and that's good for this week. And the offense wants to score more points. The kicking game had enough great things to excite our guys, but things we have got to fix so I thing it was a perfect opener."
David Ash opened up about his performance against Wyoming and the issues he plans to fix this season. Hear all of that and more in Orangebloods HD: Complete Coverage from Monday's Press Conference.