OBHD - Kick off to Fall Camp

Football is in the air on the 40-acres, as Texas prepares to kick off fall camp Monday. Mack Brown and a handful of players met with the media Sunday to discuss the preparations the Longhorns are taking to once again become a BCS bound team.
"The time in preseason camp is really important to create competition and develop depth. The best football teams in the end have depth and it's easier to coach when you have great competition every day."
Mack has made it clear the quarterback position has yet to be settled. He is waiting to make the decision based on Case McCoy and David Ash's progress in fall camp.
"They will be the ones to have it done, when they make the decision for us, then we will make it. I do think that some people panic and say 'It should have been done June; it should have been done in spring.' I love the fact, if you aren't really sure and it's not clear-cut, that the guys have had to compete and lead the team all summer."
David Ash and a 15-pound heavier Case McCoy sat down with the media Sunday. Hear all the latest from the duo, including one of the best quotes to date from David Ash, discussing his struggles in 2011, in Orangebloods HD Kick-off to Fall Camp.