OBHD: Mack Brown Announces a Starting QB

OrangebloodsHD: The QB position is settled ... For now from on Vimeo.
It's been the hot topic since Spring, and even before. Case McCoy or David Ash? Ten days out from the season opener, Mack Brown discusses the quarterback position and who will walk out first against Wyoming.
"You have to have one to walk out there first. Both of them have played well. They're both much better than they were at this time last year in our estimation. David hadn't taken a snap and Case had taken nine snaps the year before. We also feel like both of them have been really good leaders. Case is one of the best leaders on our team.
"They have handled summer well. They have handled preseason well. They're getting along well. And we are not hesitant to put either one of them in the game, but David will start."
Why did Mack Brown choose David? Hear that answer and much more in OrangebloodsHD.