OBHD: Texas Defense Looks to Live Up to the Hype

OrangebloodsHD: MONDAY MADNESS PART 2 - Defense from on Vimeo.
The Texas defense is entering 2012 as a very hyped unit in the nation. The Longhorns focus is on performing, and proving the hype to be true.
"You cannot be a good defense if your secondary won't tackle. And of all of the things that people want to talk about us last year, we had a secondary that could tackle. And when we tackled and we made a mistake in the front seven, the secondary came with their big giant eraser and erased that mistake."
Kenny Vaccaro is one of the Longhorns' senior leaders. Adrian Phillips and Manny Diaz gives their thoughts on when Vaccaro showed the big leadership skills. Hear that and more in OBHD: Texas Defense Looks to Live Up to the Hype.