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OBHD: Texas standing behind David Ash

OrangebloodsHD: Monday Madness from Orangebloods.com on Vimeo.
After what seems like an eternity to college football fans, the countdown to kickoff underway. Focusing first on the offense, Mack Brown, Bryan Harsin, and for the first time since being named the starting QB, David Ash made an appearance today to discuss the Longhorns and how David is ready for the starting job.
"There's no substitute for experience. I've just been that much longer in the system. I understand it better, I understand the coaches better, I understand my teammates better so I think that helps.
"I know what's it's like, I've been through it for a year. I think the main thing is you don't let things distract you. You just focus on what you have to do at the moment. There's a lot of things that can distract a quarterback during the week, during the practice, a lot of things you can think about that are just outside that are just outside of your control. There are a lot of things we as humans can't control. Worry about what you can control and do your best to do that."
After Ash lead the Longhorns to a bowl victory in 2011, the decision to continue a quarterback battle was on many people did not understand. Mack Brown discussed his decision and explained what it was about David that was a concern last season, while David told us he expected he would be the starting QB this season. Hear all that and more in Monday Madness Part 1: David Ash the starting QB.