OBHD: The DBU Legacy Continues

OrangebloodsHD: The DBU Legacy Continues from on Vimeo.
With twelve former Longhorn DBs currently in the NFL, Texas has earned the right to claim its secondary as DBU.
Former Longhorn defensive backs often credit the success of the secondary to assistant head coach and defensive backs coach Duane Akina, but Akina believes the former Texas players in the NFL set the standard for the current defensive backs.
"They (former Texas defensive backs in the NFL) all come back, so these guys understand the bar that has been set. I think it's the pressure within the room, that forces them to continue to work at a high level, not necessarily me."
Hear Duane Akina and senior safety Kenny Vaccaro discuss their thoughts on the Texas secondary, which Big 12 wide receiver concerns Vaccaro, and how Texas plans to keep the DBU legacy alive.