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Throughout this football season, we at Orangebloods.com will offer up our insights about the Longhorns that we believe are the
hottest players on the Texas football team. It's a fine line ranking players from week to week, and we encourage readers to head over to the
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installment comes just seven days into the fall camp, and we'll update the board weekly throughout the pre-season practices and throughout the
The Analysis
Last Week
Vince Young, QB
Coming into summer practices, all Longhorn fans heard about was how Vince Young couldn't hit the broad side of the barn. Through one week, Young
has quieted his critics and it appears that his hard work in the off-season has paid off. The sophomore has been very consistent with his throws,
and his strong performance makes him the easy choice for the Hot Board's top spot.
Bo Scaife, TE
The tight end talk this off-season has mostly revolved around David Thomas, but Scaife has looked as good as he ever has in a Longhorn uniform.
The sixth-year senior has been uncoverable in passing drills and he looks to be in line for a big season.
Derrick Johnson, LB
How could we have a list and not have DJ near the top? Truth be told, Johnson was fairly quiet for the first few days of practice but he's really
picked up the intensity of late. Bring on the Butkus.
Richmond McGee, P
A punter at No. 4? That's right. McGee has been kicking the cover off the ball and his newfound cannon of a leg could really help the Horns in a close
Larry Dibbles, DT
Tell any Longhorn fan that a defensive tackle is ranked high on the Hot Board, and he or she would undoubtedly assume it's all-American Rod Wright
that picked up the honor. Well, Wright has been extremely impressive, but it's Larry Dibbles that has turned in one of the camp's surprise
performances, earning him a spot in the top five.
Justin Blalock, OT
About to be the starter at right tackle for the second consecutive year, Blalock has pretty much shut down the passing lanes on his side of the field
and he's had a hand in several Mack truck-sized holes for the running backs over the last few days.
Rod Wright, DT
Wright has been everything Longhorn fans would expect. Quite simply, he's been blowing up plays in both the run and pass game.
Michael Huff, S
The junior safety/cornerback hasn't had a ton of highlight-reel plays, but his coverage has been exceptional in one-on-one works as well as
scrimmage action.
Michael Griffin, S
It's going to be very, very difficult for the staff to not have Griffin on the field as a starter. He has a nose for the ball and he's arguably been the
team's best guy in coverage.
Cedric Benson, RB
Remember this guy? The No. 9 ranking might seem a little low for the all-American candidate, and it's true that he has had a very solid camp.
However, his attempts have been fairly limited, which have him lower on this list than you'd normally find him.
Eric Foreman, QB
Foreman gets a spot on this list simply because he's surprised just about everybody with his strong play of late. In the first couple of workouts, it
looked like the QB experiment might have been a lost cause, but he's looked like a capable D-I signal caller of late.
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