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Geoff Ketchum
I have a lot of respect for the skill talent on the Texas A&M roster, which means that I give them a fighting chance in this game because any time you've got playmakers like Jeff Fuller, Cyrus Gray, Christine Michael and Ryan Tannehill at your disposal, the ability to put points on the scoreboard is always present.
Jerrod Johnson is improved and has had some moments at quarterback this season. It's also possible that Colt McCoy could have a meltdown and throw a bunch of interceptions. It's also possible that the Texas special teams could have a train-wreck day. The bottom line is that that's the kind of perfect storm that the Aggies will need if they are going to beat this year's Longhorns squad.
The match-ups up-just don't add up in this one. I don't know how a bad A&M offensive line is going to block a Texas front four that will rank as the best it's seen all season. I don't know how the Aggies keep Texas from scoring a lot of points. In fact, they can't. Only Texas can stop themselves in this match-up against a team that has allowed 30, 36, 47, 62, 30, 35 and 65 points at various times this season. This game for the Longhorns is about playing to a standard and they'll be ready.
Texas 42 - Texas A&M 17
Chip Brown
The Jekyl and Hyde nature of Texas A&M makes this an interesting first half to project. I have no doubts Texas will pull away for the victory in the second half. The question is if Texas can throw a knockout punch that would make A&M curl up in the first half and turn this thing into an avalanche.
The only game A&M has trailed a respectable opponent and come back to win was at Texas Tech, down 14-7, and rallied for a 52-30 victory. It's Mike Sherman's signature victory. It will forever be known as the "Fat Little Girlfriends" game. The Red Raiders didn't respect A&M after the Aggies lost 62-14 at K-State the week before.
Texas will not come into the game disrespecting the Aggies. So there is no chance for a shoddy performance a la Texas Tech in this one. My gut says A&M will have a drive or two when its offense can move down the field. But I just don't see A&M sustaining any kind of offense in this game.
The Legion of Boom has its hair on fire for this one after last week's game against KU when it gave up some big plays. So I see Texas doing what it did in Stillwater. Lots of big plays from the defense (three interceptions, a forced fumble) and the same outcome.
Texas 41 - Texas A&M 14
Jason Suchomel
The Aggies are 6-0 in games that have not been televised this year. They're 0-5 in games that have been televised. The officials at A&M may want to confiscate all the TV cameras in College Station to give their team a bit of a chance.
This one has the look of another easy win for the Longhorns. That's not to say that A&M is a bad team this year - it certainly has the ability to put up points. But it's hard to imagine a scenario in which the Aggies are able to match up with UT's offensive production.
A&M has a lot of playmakers that can find the end zone, but a good chunk of the Aggies' success on offense this year has come against defenses that aren't half as talented as Texas.
On the flipside, the Aggies have given up a lot of points to the better offenses on their schedule, and it's arguable that none of those units compare to the offensive talent that Texas will roll out on Thursday. A&M gets a late score to make the game respectable but Texas wins easily.
Texas 52 - Texas A&M 24
Sean Adams
Texas, up and down the lineup, is better than Texas A&M. As much as the media and the SID department at Texas A&M want to overcook the emotion of the 10-year anniversary of the bonfire incident, the current players were kids when that happen. What happens between the chalk is football and football only.
Texas A&M will have a hard time scoring and it will be because of the pressure from the Texas defense.
Texas 35 - Texas A&M 13