QA with Texas commitment Andrew Kelson

Houston Lamar standout Andrew Kelson is one of the top players in the Houston area and one of the top defensive back prospects in the entire state. With the type of talent that the 6-3, 210-pound Kelson is blessed with, he would probably have his choice of virtually any school in the country. But after a Thursday visit to Austin to watch the Texas Longhorns scrimmage, Kelson said he had seen enough. Here’s a Q&A with the Horns’ newest commitment:
Can you first just talk a little about your commitment?
I had questions about Texas. I knew I wanted to stay close to home and I talked to coach Brown and all the questions I had were answered. Academically, I knew that Texas would be a great school. Athletically, I knew they’re very successful and it would be a great school. And all the little minor questions I had that were holding me from taking that next step as far as a commitment, they were all answered. I decided that Texas is a place where I can grow and develop athletically, I can excel academically and it’s close to home. And why not have the chance to win the national championship at the same time?
When did the staff officially extend an offer?
We talked about it last week when I came up there for the scrimmage (Thursday) but officially I’ll be offered today (the staff is sending Kelson something in writing).
Did you come up by yourself then?
No, my mom was sitting in the stands. I was on the field hanging out with coach Haywood and coach Akina.
How big of a relief is it for you to have the recruiting process over with so early?
It’s really great for me because I really like Texas. I’ve liked Texas my whole life and it’s always been a school I’ve had an interest in. Being able to actually find everything I was looking for at The University of Texas was really great for me. This is a big step, being able to find a school that fits me perfectly. As far as other schools and what people may say I’ll be losing from not going to others, that doesn’t really concern me. I know everything that I want and everything that I’m looking for, Texas has.
Do you know (Houston Lamar alum) Rod Babers?
He’s a little bit older than me but I’ve talked to him. He was working out when I went up there. We talked a little bit, more of just cordial conversation.
Do you know what the staff’s plans are for you as far as a position?
Right now at defensive back. We didn’t talk about anything specific. I guess I’d prefer to play at safety in college.
What is it about playing safety that you like?
I’m not confined to one area of the field. I can cover, I can cover the run and support the run. I can fire around more and have more of a wide range. At safety I can cover more of the field instead of being confined to one side.
We’ve got you at 6-3, 210. Are those accurate and while you’re at it can you give me a 40 time?
Those are accurate. My 40 is no slower than a 4.5.
Do you know any weightroom numbers?
We haven’t done any testing. The last time I tested I maxed 285 but I haven’t tested in a while so I’m sure it’s gone up from that.
Can you talk about your visit on Thursday and how everything transpired?
They had all watched my film because they like to be familiar with the players and I had informed them that I was coming. I guess they decided that they were impressed with me as far as my playing ability on the field. I kind of knew that they were supportive of me in the way I played and academically I knew they would support my grades. Other than that, it was more of a chance to really get to know everyone and try to see if we could work together and see if it was the place for me. I met a lot of the players and we hung out … we got to know each other and I got a chance to see if I fit in to the Texas family. I really felt like I was at home and the coaches and everyone else felt the same towards me.
What other schools were coming after you already?
Stanford, Texas A&M … they had offered, UCLA, Notre Dame. They were all coming after me pretty hard.
If you had to pick a school that finished in second, who would that be?
Sounds good. Congratulations and thanks for your time.
Ok. Thank you.