QB Matt Davis remains positive despite setback

In the blink of an eye, even the best made plans can be brought to a halt. Last Thursday, Klein (Texas) Forest quarterback Matt Davis learned just how quickly things can change.
The highly-touted 2012 prospect entered the season planning to show how much he improved his arm and throwing accuracy, as well as helping lead his Klein Forest teammates make a deep run through the playoffs.
On Thursday night, in Klein Forest's season opener, Davis took the field with his teammates against the Cinco Ranch Cougars and all was going well. Then, as he ran the two minute drill before halftime, Davis tried to cut and felt his right foot catch the turf. He knew immediately it was not good.
"I've broken bones and I've had concussions before, but that right there was by far the worst pain I've ever felt in my life," Davis said. "It's unexplainable. It was pain that was so bad you can't cry, all you can do is scream."
Still, the 6-2, 198-pound quarterback felt the pain in his right knee subside after making it to the sidelines and was able to sneak his way back into the game to run in a 14-yard touchdown to tie the score at 21-21.
After that, he did not return to the game. On Friday, after an MRI, he received the news.
"He said you have a tear in your ACL and I just got up and walked out and went in the hallway and started crying," Davis said. "I knew what that meant."
It was the news he most dreaded and what Davis terms one of the "darkest moment I've probably ever encountered." However, Davis is not one to get down on himself. He has worked too hard and come too far to give up after a setback. Now he looks forward to attacking his injury like he planned to do to Houston area defenses.
"I'm really anxious to get this surgery because they said when I get the surgery I should come back," Davis, who will have surgery on Friday, said. "He said 'you have extremely strong quad muscles and your ligaments were so strong you had to do something extreme to cause the tear. But the thing is your support muscles around it are so strong you should rehab faster.'
"He said 'this can be a major blessing because when you come back your knee will be healthier.' He said I should be back to full speed in three months."
Davis has been amazed by the support and prayer from fans across the state, including many Cinco Ranch fans who messaged him on facebook, and shortly after receiving the news he talked to a friend who recently went through the same thing.
"I was talking to Jacoby Walker last night. He tore his ACL at Arkansas' spring game. He's one of my best friends," Davis said. "I went to the doctor and Jacoby texted me and asked what happened and gave me some encouragement and insight and let me know what to expect. He was just giving me encouragement like a big brother would do, so that was that was good."
As for recruiting, Davis feels the injury could also be a huge blessing.
"This I think is going to show a lot of colleges' true colors," he said. "A few colleges have already called my coaches to say not to worry this is only a minor setback and I still have a scholarship there and will always have a scholarship there. That's something that really comforts you when you're sitting in bed with your knee wrapped.
"I know Texas Tech and Auburn and I want to say Texas A&M (made contact). Those are the only three I know so far."
While Davis will be focused on rehabbing and getting back for the spring, he will continue to do everything he can to support his teammates and help new starting quarterback Germaine Cornett as the season goes along.
This week that means cheering the team on as it prepares to host Fort Bend Marshall Thursday night at 7 p.m.