Reed: Im 100-percent committed to Texas

Since his sophomore year, Cleveland, Texas Rivals250 prospect Cedric Reed has been a two-way standout at defensive end and tight end. He has excelled in his role, with college offers pouring in over the last two years before declaring his commitment to the Texas Longhorns in April.
As he prepares for his senior year under new head coach Clayton Maples, Reed prepares for a role change. Obviously, the 6-5, 240-pound prospect will still be a big part of what the Indians do, but it will be different.
"I'm ready for it. We've changed the offense and defense. We're running the triple option on offense and a 3-4 defense now. It's looking good. I'm ready for Friday," Reed said. "I play tight end and some split end and slot. They put me all over the place. It's pretty good. I do a little bit of blocking, but mostly I'm a defensive man now."
The change in schemes means a few changes in how he plays his defensive end position.
"It changes it up a lot. I'm way closer to the ball than I used to be," Reed said. "You have to be more physical and you see more double teams. Then when I get past the double team I have to see the running back. It's pretty good but it has its downfalls. You have to be a lot more physical and stay a lot lower. I'm adjusting to it pretty good. I'll get used to it."
On the college level, Reed will play strictly on defense, and he is getting used to playing a bigger defensive role than he has in the past.
"It's fun having an opportunity to play defense most of the time," he said. "It's different for me but it's fun and I'm ready for it."
With the season approaching, football and school are the only things on his mind. Recently though, rumors have begun to circulate as to how strong he is in his commitment to the Longhorns. Reed had many options before making his choice, but Reed said he doesn't know where the talk is coming from and is adamant in the solidity of his commitment to UT.
"I'm 100-percent committed to Texas. That's what I want everybody to know," Reed said. "I don't know where it came from. I heard it was because I accepted Mike Sherman as a friend on facebook or coach Rossley and I have all these A&M coaches as friends on facebook. That's just facebook though. I have people from Tennessee and Oklahoma I don't even know. Once you commit somewhere they have enough respect to leave you alone."