Smaller class = better class

National Signing Day is a day where thousands of athletes make a life altering decision - where will they play college football? In the last eleven years, Texas has faired well on National Signing Day, averaging twenty-two signees per year, with an average star rating of 3.7. The 2013 Texas class is smaller than most with just fifteen signees. But Mack Brown said Wednesday, sometimes the smaller classes are better evaluated.
"Sometimes in smaller classes, you do a better job of your evaluation. And they really come in with a little chip on their shoulder because they're not as highly ranked and people aren't bragging on them as much. They fight harder to play well."
Texas had five decommitments in this class, including A'Shawn Robinson last weekend. Brown said Texas has been lenient on allowing verbal commits to visit other schools, but that will no longer be the case.
"We've allowed a couple of kids to commit and still look around the last couple of years. We're going back and say we're not doing that anymore. If you're committed to us be committed. And if you're going to go look we're going to go look."
On the team side of things, Brown was asked about the decision to allow Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks back on the team, after the two were suspended for violating team rules at the Alamo Bowl. Brown said the decision to let the two back on the field was based off the same policy Texas has had throughout the years.
"They were not charged. So like every other situation in that case, when a young man is not charged, we have brought them back on the team. If they have done something to embarrass our team or our university we have put them through some harsh discipline."
Check back Thursday for Mack Brown's full breakdown of the talent coming to the 40 Acres this season.