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Source: Harrison appeal denied by BYU

A source close to the situation has told it appears BYU has denied offensive tackle Desmond Harrison's appeal over the decision by BYU's (online) Independent Study to rescind Harrison's course credit for a class he took in the spring that he needed to graduate from Contra Costa College in California (and ultimately enroll at Texas).
BYU completed its review of Harrison's appeal and mailed that finding to Harrison via certified mail last Thursday.
The next step for Texas is to appeal the situation to the NCAA and hope the governing body of college athletics takes a closer look at BYU's 2006 policy that only BYU student-athletes can take the school's online classes.
Sources have told Texas is prepared to fight on Harrison's behalf and feels confident other Division I student-athletes have taken BYU's online courses. Sources said Texas will also argue BYU can't determine what course credits it can accept, especially after Harrison paid the money for the course, completed the course, passed the class and graduated from junior college.
Also, a California law forbids changing a school transcript short of fraud.
This will drag out.