Texas looking to expand the staff

Recent changes in NCAA regulations have sparked many topics of debate. One of the topics leading the charge is the NCAA deregulating recruiting rules, allowing unlimited contact with student athletes starting the summer after the athlete's sophomore year. Those with the biggest football departments figure to benefit the most from this deregulation, because everyone in a football department will be allowed to contact recruits. Schools, such as Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and seven other Big 12 schools, have been ahead of the curve with the additional football department staff members. has been at the forefront of reports dissecting where Texas stands with its football office compared to where other schools stand, including Alabama, which has 39 staff members compared to Texas' 10.
In Thursday's spring practice press conference, Mack Brown discussed all of the new NCAA rules, but spent a significant amount of time on what Texas is doing to keep up with the other schools, which have been employing recruiting staff members for years.
"There's been a lot of discussion over the last month with the rules changes in the NCAA of possibly adding positions." Brown said Thursday. "We are looking at that very hard right now with DeLoss (Dodds). I think we are in line with the Big 12 schools pretty much throughout. Alabama is ahead of all of us with the number of personnel that they have hired, and that's something that everybody is looking very closely at."