Williams aiming for greatness

Nathan Vasher. Michael Huff. Cedric Griffin. Aaron Ross. Michel Griffin.
These are just a few of the names that have helped the Texas program become one of the top schools on the nation when it comes to producing top flight defensive backs, Whether the Longhorn program can legitimately claim to be the new "DB U" is open for debate, but there's little question that Duane Akina and the rest of the Texas staff have turned the Longhorn defensive backfield into a developmental program for the NFL year after year.
Of course, when every player that plays in the secondary seemingly evolves into a high NFL draft selection, high school recruits take notice. One player that has paid particularly close attention to Texas' success is national top 100 prospect and current Longhorn commitment Aaron Williams.
The 2008 corner back has been working extremely hard this summer to improve his game by competing in seven-on-seven tournaments, attending camps, and working out with his teammates in hopes of one day creating his own legacy at the University of Texas.
"I've been working out really hard and it's starting to pay off for me," Williams said. "I've put on some muscle and I weigh between 180 and 185 pounds now."
The added pounds haven't slowed down the versatile defensive back. In fact, when he left the Texas one-day camp in June, many felt like they were watching the next great Longhorn defensive back.
"I went to the Texas camp and that went really well," Williams said. "Dan (Buckner) and I went up against each other a lot and he was really good. We had some battles out there."
According to Williams, the early summer camp hasn't been his only trip to the Texas campus as he makes the short drive to Austin every week to not only get to know his future teammates, but also the chance to work out with them.
"I head down to Austin every Tuesday and Thursday to go through the seven-on-seven workouts that they have," said the Round Rock star. "I really enjoy it because I get to hang out with the guys a little bit and it's really getting me ready for next year."