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Five-star PG AJ Johnson on Texas experience: "It was lit."

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Five-star guard AJ Johnson visited The 40 Acres this weekend, exploring campus, checking out the new basketball facilities, and enjoying the epic Texas/Alabama showdown with his close friend, Houston Rockets star Jalen Green. I caught up with AJ this evening and chatted with him a bit about his experiences on campus and how he felt about the visit in general.

First question: what stuck out to you about your visit this weekend?

I would say the football game for sure was one of the big things. I haven’t been to a college football game like that. To see Texas versus Alabama with so many people there, it was crazy.

How do you see yourself in the UT basketball program?

The goal for me anywhere is to go and make an impact right away. I want to start, obviously. I want to earn my minutes and start right away as a point guard.

Is there a specific coach on staff with which you have a close relationship?

I feel like it’s all of them, to be honest.

Talk a little about your relationship with [Houston Rockets star] Jalen Green.

He’s like my big brother. I’ve known him since I was nine years old. We’ve been best friends, I’ve always looked up to him. We’re not blood, but we’re from a small town near Fresno where everyone knows each other. We call each other “brother.” We’re family. Blood couldn’t make us any closer.

What did it mean to you that he came with you on the visit?

It meant a lot. It just shows how he’s been supporting me my whole life to be honest, just trying to help me out. The fact that he has a busy schedule and still came to my event.

I saw a video of Jalen hyping up the crowd. Looked like a lot of fun down there.

Yeah, it was lit.

Who would you compare your game to?

Probably Shai Gilgeous-Alexander a little bit. A little free like LaMelo [Ball], the way he plays. He plays almost like a street ball player. Just wild and free. Also, I play like Bones Hyland, BIzzy Bones, the rookie last year. I like him a lot because he has a similar frame to me. Just seeing a player that has the same frame as me and probably weighs the same amount as me and is shorter than me and can get busy in the NBA. It gives me hope that I can go there and make an impact in the league.

What is your goal out of recruitment in general? Not just your Texas visit, but all of them in an overarching sense.

I think just soaking it up and enjoying it, to be honest. You only get one time where you get to go on a visit and get recruited really hard, and once you commit to a college, you just play your years and hope you get to the league, you know. Just process all of it, and enjoy it. Not a lot of people get the chance to go on these visits. Also, of course, figuring out where I want to go.

What did you think of the new facilities and the Moody Center?

The Moody Center is crazy. Their facilities are insane. They’re nicer than a lot of NBA teams’. There are no college programs like it. The weight room, the facility, the campus. They’re building another practice court with eight courts on it that you can play on 24/7. They have so many resources. Their resources are top tier.

Last real quick question – did you get to meet KD?

Yeah. It was good to see him. He definitely is a legit seven footer.


According to my sources, the Longhorns have a good shot to land the future superstar point guard. He seemed to have really liked the visit, noting how much he enjoyed the athletics atmosphere at the Texas football game. Along with the Moody Center, it seems that Chris Beard and his staff made a good impression on the young guard.